Extensive keyword research is not merely an important component of your online marketing it is the most Fundamental aspect. Keywords are the foundation, the corner stone, and the framework, behind all your online marketing activity. If you truly want to increase your Google page rank then you need to have well-constructed keyword framework to begin with.

Your website, your email campaigns, press releases, articles, blogs and social sites should all be constructed around your keyword framework. Why, because search engines like things to be in a logical order, they like consistency and relevancy. If you don’t have a full understanding of your keyword framework then you will struggle to keep your marketing activity in order.

Keeping your marketing activity in order means that you are able to link from one element of your marketing mix to the other. This makes it much easier for your audience to find you.

Let’s look at your keyword framework like an old-fashioned library index card. Back in the dark ages, before there were computers, seems such a long time ago, you’d use a library index card to find the book you were looking for. First you would think of all the keywords that related to the books you wanted to find. Once you found the index cards with those keywords you’d find a list of numbers for the category of the books that related to that subject. You would then take those numbers and go to the appropriate shelves to find the selection of books.

Let’s look at this in reverse. If you wrote the book then you would provide the library with the books title, category, keywords, and author, allowing readers a number of ways to find you.

So how does this relate to your keyword framework?

Think of it this way. Let’s say you are a Tour Operator and you operate full day tours, half-day tours and overnight tours. Your framework might look like this. Your title is ‘Tour Operator,’ your categories are ‘Full Day Tours’, ‘Half-Day Tours’ and ‘Overnight Tours’. Each category has sub categories. For ‘Half Day Tours’ this could be: ‘half day hiking’, ‘half day snorkeling’, ‘half day kayaking’ etc etc.

Using this framework you can then construct your marketing activity and web content based around the main categories and the sub categories. These become your keywords and you use them to optimize and drive traffic to your website. Of course you still have to research these terms to ensure they’re what people search for but if you structure your online activity based on your keyword framework you’ll definitely see an increase in your Google page rank over time.

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