Eye glass Watch.ly  Were Watching the Watch.ly Space; Cant Wait For Them To LaunchIt is not often you get a head of the game with anything new and exciting happening online. Well today you can. We’ve discovered a new program that is currently in the beta stages of being tested.

Why are we so excited about this one – for very good reasons? This new software, Watch.ly, will allow you to not only analyze your SEO page rankings but it provides other extremely helpful options such as: monitoring competitor rankings and activity, prompting you if others steal your content as well as monitoring blogs, twitter, facebook, forums and a whole range of social media platforms for mentions of your website and company to see what others are saying about you.

As I mentioned it is in the beta stage but if you go to Watch.ly (note that it is not a dot com it is ‘dot’ ly), and click on ‘like’ you’ll be kept up to date on the final launch. Watch this space!