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Our Website Optimization Services and the Importance of Search Engine Optimization If you own a small business then chances are you depend on your website for exposure, lead generation and sales. But in order for you to get the exposure you need and, an opportunity to convert, you have to have good ranking in the search engine results pages and as much volume of traffic coming to your website as possible. When designing and developing a website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) often becomes an afterthought. However, what your website looks like cannot, alone, drive traffic or increase the volume of visitors to your site. To do that your website needs to be optimized both internally and externally. Correct SEO is a combination of all the work involved in increasing the number of hits you get through search engines, web directories other websites and smart phones. At Santa Monica Internet Services our ultimate goal therefore, is to have you rank as high as possible locally when people search for the terms that match your product or service.
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Step-By-Step Website Optimization Services
Our website optimization services are broken down into five key areas.

  Keyword Research and Analysis Keyword research is essential to SEO. They are used internally and externally. Keywords set the foundation for all your SEO actions and are used in other channels of your marketing activity therefore, choosing the right keywords is critical for high ranking search engine success.
  Local Search Engine Optimization If you're looking for a local business how do you find them? Probably the same way your customer does, by typing what they are looking for into Google. But what if your business category has thousands of search results? You might find your business because you know what to search for but what about your customer?
  Website Optimization (Internal on-page and on-site) Website optimization has become an increasingly significant factor in search engine rankings. Therefore your overall page loading time, number of requests, size of responses, caching, markup validity and keyword usage are all of factors contributing to your page loading times and search ability.
  Ranking Optimization (External off-page - driving traffic) Your visibility in the online 'digital haystack,' and how much traffic you drive to your website will determine your ranking and the amount of business you can realize. There are many ways to increase traffic; by submitting press releases, articles, and manual search engine and directory submissions; social bookmarking and one-way bank links.
  Mobile Friendly Websites Once you are locally optimized you need to fuse local search on the internet with how your website looks on mobile media including smart phones. People expect instant gratification, they want to share information immediately. The power of word-of-mouth is now held in the palm of your customers hands - so is your website mobile friendly?

It can take a lot of time and effort to rank well in search engines but the benefits are numerous. Better search engine results page ranking, lower costs than advertising, client trust, reduced marketing expenditure, higher click through rate and sustained long term benefits. Many small businesses understand the need for Search Engine Optimization but often don't know where to start or what to ask for. At Santa Monica Internet Services our approach is to explain the process in terms that you'll understand. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that we get you noticed online and we work directly with you to make that happen. Call now on 310 312 0665 or email us to discuss which website optimizations services will work for you. SM Internet Services Logo m Website Optimization Services

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