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Embrace The Power Of Off-Page Optimization With Social Media Marketing

Is social media marketing a part of your off page optimization strategy? Along with article writing, press releases and directory submissions Social Media is extremely important if you want to encourage crowds of devotees. Fans who can help you spread the good word about your business and point other people to your website, thus driving traffic.

What is Social Media? According to Wikipedia, ‘Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.’ Web based and mobile technologies include social networks such as facebook and twitter, blogs, wikis, flickr, YouTube or any other collaborative online form of media.

FIVE reasons why you should use Social Media…

1. Establishes an objective information source for your business on the web
2. Drives traffic to your website and improves your organic SEO
3. Allows you to distribute compelling content such as videos and images
4. Allows you to engage with your past, present and potential customer more easily
5. Enables you to compete with much larger companies

There are many social media platforms to choose from. Here at Santa Monica Internet Services we provide small and medium businesses an easy way to get established on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Squidoo and YouTube.

Call now on 310 312 0665 or email us to discuss which social media marketing service will work for you. And, how you can integrate all of them for more effective communication with fans (and even more effective use of your time).

Social Media Marketing Services
Our social media marketing services include site development and continuing optimization of the following.

Facebook if used correctly facebook can be an extremely profitable marketing vehicle for many businesses. There are over 500 million active users with over 200 million accessing facebook on their mobile devices. Facebook has unparalleled distribution potential with extremely targeted ad campaign opportunities.
Twitter Stay connected on the Internet or mobile phone by sending quick, brief messages to friends and customers. Tweeting is about conversations not sending endless updates on quick product sales. Engaging your audience, building trust and sharing ideas is the objective as well as building relationships and lots of devotees.
Flickr Images help people to visualize what they might expect to receive or experience if they purchase your products or services. Purposely constructed image links can also help bring high quality traffic to your website. Sharing your images in sites such as Flickr therefore becomes excellent fuel for SEO.
Squidoo Like a series of blogposts based on single topics Squidoo sits in the top 500 most visited sites in the world, and in the top 300 most viewed in the USA. Creating your own Squidoo lenses for each of your products or services is extremely advantageous to SEO and traffic generation.
YouTube Video is crucial for your small business promotion. When researching for products online shoppers want to see two types of videos: professionally shot or customer produced. They want the objective point of view through customer experiences but they also need validation at a professional level. If you don’t include video in your website setting up a YouTube channel will help.

Call now on 310 312 0665 or email us to discuss which social media marketing services will work for you.

“Santa Monica Internet Services was referred to GUEST NZ for their expertise in establishing and implementing social networking strategies. I enjoyed working with Angela as her operational procedures were extremely structured, in time and on budget. Her professional approach to business and her marketing background proved a perfect match for us. We wholeheartedly recommend Angela and Santa Monica Internet Services to anyone wanting a professional edge to their Social Networking marketing.”
Michael Nees, Managing Director, Guest New Zealand

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