Do you rely on your local community for revenue or could your customer be looking for you once they get to your region? If you own accommodation or an activity they might book you in advance. But what if they don’t? What if your potential guest is on a two-week vacation but has only partially booked where they will stay and what they will do. How will they find you?

They could be looking for accommodation to book, or an activity to try, only two days in advance because, that’s when they know where they’re going. If you haven’t addressed your local search engine optimization you could be missing out.

Let’s look at the basics – local listings. The first thing you need to have is a Google Places listing. However, before you go down that path check to make sure 1. Your type of product or service has a place category, and 2. Google hasn’t already set a places listing up for you and you have yet to claim it.

Local Search Engine Optimization Is Local Search Engine Optimization For You?
Image One: Tour Operators Christchurch

No Google Places Vancouver Is Local Search Engine Optimization For You?
Image Two: Day Tours Vancouver

In image one we can see immediately that Tour Operators in Christchurch (NZ) is a good category since Google Places shows plenty of local listings for that phrase. In the second image, it wouldn’t be a good idea to use the term Day Tours if you’re in Vancouver (CAN) because there appear to be no Google Places listings for that category. However, we did a search for Day Trips in Vancouver and one Google Places listing came up.

FYI – if you operate day trips in Vancouver get a Google Places listing now using this term, it wouldn’t be that difficult to get a number one ranking quickly.

But why do you want to do this. Let’s get back to that traveler who is already at your destination and who has a reasonably lose itinerary. Where will he look for you – either on his smart phone, ipad or computer? He’s going to be very specific about what he is looking for and where. If you are locally optimized, with at least a Google Places listing (we’ll get in to local search directories another time), then you have a far greater chance of getting that booking.

hotels san francisco Google Search Is Local Search Engine Optimization For You?

Why, because Google Places, that is local listings, show up front in the search. So, if it is almost impossible to have your website rank high in organic results, doesn’t it make sense that you can be found in the local?

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