You’ve probably read many articles or heard people talk about the importance of optimizing your website with keywords. Most often this focuses on adding keywords to your web pages with a passing comment on tagging images. However, using keywords in the filename of each image is just as important when it comes organically raising your search page results and, as such, increase your Google ranking..

Using keyword- rich words when saving your images helps search engines determine relevancy to your website. For example, at we I often use i-stock photos when we need images for our blog or website. I-stock photos have a file name that looks like, iStock_000009045349XSmall. To help organically raise our search engine ranking we need to ensure that we save our images with keywords that are relevant to our site. Therefore, we might resave an image with a filename something like, “keyword_image_optimization.jpg”

If you’re not sure how you’ve filed your photos conduct a quick review of each image on every page of your website. If they reflect the primary keywords on that page then all is good. If they don’t, it would be beneficial for you to resave them using the keywords you use to drive business to the page where they are located. This small step will make a big difference to the Internet marketing efforts of your small business promotion.