iStock 000006544230XSmall s How To Effectively Use Customer Touchpoints In Any Small Business Promotion?

When it comes to Small Business Promotion it seems that not only do you need a limited understanding of the functions of marketing but you need to learn a new language too.

Here is an example: You’ve seen the word ‘Touchpoint’, it’s used regularly in marketing and sales but do you really know what it means? If you are feeling a little vague then you aren’t alone. It

is a modern phrase, which refers to every single customer-facing document or online presence your small business has or uses. Touchpoint - meaning a customer at some point will touch or see the information you distribute.

This can include, but is not limited to:



Businesses cards





Travel documents / Itineraries





Staff conversations over the phone

And the list goes on…..

No matter how you engage with your customers it is important that you include your website as well as any social media sites you actively use for your small business promotion, such as your facebook page, twitter name, YouTube channel, Vimeo or flickr channels on every piece of printed or online medium you use.

Why, for one its free publicity for you but it also lets your customer know about the many ways that they can engage with you. By doing this you are not only giving them the choice on how they can interact you’re also providing them with information that they can forward to family and friends.


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