If you have been reading Tips of the Week or our Blog articles recently you’ll notice we’ve been talking a lot about keyword research. The reason is because keywords are the foundation for all your on page and off page optimization. This means that you want to be using keywords that people are actually searching for.

One of the tools we use as part of that process is Google Insights. With Google Insights you can determine how many people are actually searching for a term or keyword phrase that you use. Data can be sorted by specific categories, i.e. travel, or by year, if you want to check for search spikes related to seasonality.

With over 20% people now searching for location specific terms Google Insights allows you to narrow down your search option by location. If you want world wide you’ll get data on the top ten countries that search for your term or if you want to focus on a country you’ll get data on top ten cities that search for your term.

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